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New exciting venture for us!

Gozzett Carpentry has launched an exciting and sustainable new venture! In an effort to remain eco-friendly and promote reuse, the company has started making furniture out of recycled scaffold boards. This means that instead of tossing away old and worn scaffold boards, Gozzett Carpentry has found a creative way to turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. From dining tables and benches to plant stands and shelves,

Gozzett Carpentry is taking up-cycled scaffold boards and giving them a second life. By using reclaimed scaffold boards, the company is helping to move away from the mainstream production of furniture from new lumber. This extends the lifespan of the boards, reduces the demand for new materials, and helps to reduce waste. Each piece of furniture made by Gozzett Carpentry is completely unique. Because each piece is made with shuttered scaffold boards, each item will have a unique look, with different paint, stains and age marks.

This adds a unique look to the furniture, making each item a unique one-off. In addition to the unique look, the furniture created from the scaffold boards is also incredibly durable. The boards are strong and sturdy, making them ideal for furniture making. The scaffold boards can also be sanded down, stained, and sealed for extra protection. Thanks to their strength, these pieces of furniture can be passed down for years to come. Thanks to this new venture, Gozzett Carpentry hopes to not only make the most of reclaimed materials but also to create beautiful, unique pieces of furniture. The company will continue to look for ways to make their furniture as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, in an effort to reduce waste and make the most of every scaffold board they get their hands on!

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