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The different and best types of wood for building (in my opinion)

Wood is growing in popularity in the building trade, due to its sustainable and low impact on the environment.

Its a renewable, recyclable and Eco friendly resource.

By using wood to construct building big or small, means its easily fabricated, so you add / remove the construction very easily will low impact.

Here are some of our favourite wood types to use.


Oak is one of the strongest and the hardest woods. This makes it the most popular and best choice for building and definitely our favourite to use. Oak is resistant to moisture and is has a natural chemical that resist insect and bugs, meaning that you dont need to it treat with decaying chemicals/  extremely high quality.

Colour: Light beige through brown and red



Western Red Cedar is a soft wood. It has one of the lowest shrinkage ratios among the other soft woods and so it's most popular use is in house building. Like the Oak wood, Western Red Cedar is naturally a insect and moisture resilience, which makes it a great choice for long standing builds, such as houses and barns.

house made of western red cedar is solid, durable, and has one of the lowest shrinkage ratios amongst the softwoods. This wood is rot resistant and naturally resilient.

Colour: Reddish to pinkish brown.



Teak is a hardwood.

Considered to be the strongest and most durable of the hardwoods. Teak does very well in humid weather and is also resilient to water rot.

Teak is great for exteriors, such as garden furniture, seating, decking and window frames.

Colour: Light brown / Golden.



Douglas fur is a popular choice of wood for builders of residential and smaller builds due to its strength and high quality to adapt to different types of weather conditions. It's resistant to decay and is also commonly used in areas that have earthquakes of high winds.

Colour: Light yellow to reddish brown.

Douglas fur trees.jpg
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