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Cottage lean-to oak frame restoration project

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Here is a visual walk through of the restoration of this 100+ year old Oak frame lean-to.

As you can see here the oak was rotten throughout and was extremely dangerous as this may have fallen at anytime, especially during a windy winter day!

Let's get to work!

Oak ordered and delivered.

I always try and make sure I order my timber from local suppliers / smaller businesses.

Why I use oak?

Oak is one of the strongest timbers available.

It's very resistant do decay if properly looked after and will last 100's of years if kept dry.

Did you know?

Oak trees are one of the oldest and most widely spread trees on this planet. They have existed way before us!

With some help from Lily the jack russell, I start to cut out the mortise and tenons in the oak using traditional timber framing tools and mostly done by hand. The process is definitely longer, but you get a better and more precise result. Worth it!

Mortise and tenons are cut all by hand and slotted upright.

Oak pegs still need to be hammered in.

Oak framing pegs.

The pegs are one of the most important pieces the the timber framing puzzle.

They play a vital role of drawing the frame together and keeping the joints extremely tight and stable.

Here are the oak pegs fixed in place on the frame

It's Done!

Oak frame lean-to has finally be restored and is up!

One happy customer.

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