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Types of sandpaper and what they're used for.

Sandpaper is available in a range of grit sizes, with each size serving a specific purpose. The grit of sandpaper refers to the number of abrasive particles per square inch on the sandpaper surface. The higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive particles and the smoother the surface it will produce. Here are some common grit sizes and their uses:

40-60 grit: This is a coarse grit and is used for sanding rough surfaces, such as removing old paint or rust from metal surfaces.

80-120 grit: This is a medium grit and is used for smoothing rough surfaces, such as sanding wooden floors or removing small imperfections from surfaces.

150-220 grit: This is a fine grit and is used for preparing surfaces for finishing, such as smoothing wooden surfaces before staining or painting.

240-400 grit: This is a very fine grit and is used for sanding between coats of finish or for preparing surfaces for final polishing.

500-1500 grit: This is an ultra-fine grit and is used for final polishing and buffing of surfaces to create a high gloss finish.

It is important to choose the appropriate grit for the job at hand to ensure the best results. Using the wrong grit can result in damage to the surface or not achieving the desired outcome.

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