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Why reclaimed scaffold boards make great garden planters.

Scaffold boards can make great material for garden planters for several reasons:

reclaimed scaffold boards

  1. Durability: Scaffold boards are designed to support heavy weight, which makes them very durable. They can withstand the weight of soil and water, and can resist rot and decay.

  2. Cost-effective: Scaffold boards are relatively inexpensive compared to other materials used for garden planters, such as cedar or hardwood.

  3. Versatility: Scaffold boards are easy to cut and shape, which makes them versatile for various planter designs. They can also be easily stained or painted to match the aesthetic of the garden.

  4. Sustainable: Scaffold boards can be made from sustainable sources, such as FSC-certified wood, making them an environmentally friendly choice for garden planters.

  5. Natural look: Scaffold boards have a natural, rustic look that can complement various garden styles. They can be left untreated for a natural look, or stained or painted to match the style of the garden.

It's important to note that using scaffold boards for garden planters may not be suitable for all gardening projects. If the planters will be used for edible plants, it's important to ensure the boards are free from any harmful chemicals or treatments. Additionally, scaffold boards may not be suitable for damp environments as they may be more prone to rot in such conditions. However, if you're looking for a cost-effective, durable, and versatile material for your garden planters, scaffold boards can be a great choice.

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